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This is your NEW medical office, delivering digital/telehealth with a human touch!

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Telehealth is here to stay. Fortunately, we at GoVirtueWell have been doing telemedicine for over 10 years! With our extensive experience, we know what both health providers and patients want and need during their virtual experience with one another.

In addition, we know the many benefits that a health provider can get when expanding their health and wellness practice beyond their current brick and mortal limitations while limiting time, expenses, and frustration! The benefits include increased revenues, no added rent or lease payment, increased health care access, no increase in payroll or human resources responsibilities, improved and comprehensive virtual telehealth session, better patient satisfaction, and enhanced professional satisfaction by the provider!

What do you get?

1. Get sessions at our esthetically pleasing and professional offices with the assistance of well-trained medical staff

2. Have accurate vitals done by our medical staff for your records to help you appropriately manage your patients

3. Professional assistance with connecting providers with patients through the latest technology with privacy and awesome audiovisual

4. The option to have our offices and staff assist you with any necessary document completion (e.g. intake forms, consent form, and more)

5. The option to obtain an additional license (additional fee and equipment required) so that you can listen to the heart and lungs of your patients as if you were in the office with them!

The time is now to grow your practice, increase your income, connect with your patients where your patients are, and evolve your practice so that you are prepared to be competitive and relevant in the future!


Individual License - $400 per month

License for 1 health provider

10 virtual 30-minute sessions per month

Vitals included 

24/7 scheduling capability

Staff support included

Options: Heart/Lungs exams and paperwork


Small Group License - $1600 per month

Licenses for 2-5 health providers
40 virtual 30-minute sessions per month
Vital included
24/7 scheduling capability
Staff support included
Options: Heart/Lungs exams and paperwork


Large Group License - $4000 per month

Licenses for 5-20 health providers
100 virtual 30-minute sessions per month 
Vitals included 
24/7 scheduling capability 
Staff support included
Options: Heart/Lungs exams and paperwork


Health Providers of the Future use GoVirtueWell Now

Ignoring telehealth and technology is not smart. Renting or leasing large spaces and having too many staff members are too costly to be sustainable. Making patients travel great distances to impatiently wait in overcrowded waiting rooms ruin your practice in the long run. Providing digital health with a human touch by joining GoVirtueWell is smart, profitable and professionally satisfying.

Accurate Vitals with Every Visit


Professional Office Spaces for Optimal Virtual Visits


A Warm Reception with Document Completion for Better Experience