Telehealth and wellness delivered with a human touch

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What makes GoVirtueWell different?

Improving the health care system takes a new approach which includes many factors. A critical factor is the utilization of technology! However, the "Art of Medicine" must have a human touch. GoVirtueWell provides this human touch while increasing access to health care, decreasing health care disparities, and lowering the cost of care with improved health outcomes. With full virtual session, we help with the following:


  • Patient greeting and intake (document completion and scanning optional)
  • Room setup and telehealth connection with optimal video and audio
  • Assessment of vitals, including height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, bmi, pulse oximetry
  • Facilitation with heart and lung examinations (license and stethoscope required)


Both providers and patients oftentimes find telehealth from a patient's home less then personal and overall lacking. We eliminate this feeling and replace it with a pleasant, professsional experience.

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