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Our Mission

The mission of GoVirtueWell is to provide digital health and wellness with a human touch, enabling health providers while improving overall health for all people regardless of location, income, and access to technology. GoVirtueWell is committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of both health providers and visiting patients. As a result, we strive to improve access to quality health care, help elimininate health care disparities, and lower health care costs. We will do this one location at a time with as many health providers and their patients as possible throughout the United States and eventually globally.

Our Philosophy
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Our Team

GoVirtueWell was founded by a physician who has worked on eliminating health care disparities for over 40 years, breaking down traditional walls within health care for over 25 years, and enabling physicians through the use of technology and game-changing business models over the past 13 years. Our clinical staff is complemented and supported by an awesome team of professionals including technolgy partners, real estate partners, accountants, legal advisors, medical assistants, laboratory partners, sales staff, and many more. Our team continues to grow, but our health provider members and their patients will always be our priority #1.

Testimonials from Health Providers

The process to get started with GoVirtueWell is simple and easy. I went from having one office to basically having multiple offices overnight.

Dr. Lemons

After Covid-19 hit, I immediately knew that I had to evolve my practice and embrace telemedicine. Some people still find virtual health care as being awkward. GoVirtueWell knows how to do it right by introducing a bridge from traditional medicine to virtual medicine. This bridge is the HUMAN TOUCH that they provide. I am very happy.


Dr. Moyo

Not all people have the technology or environment that is necessary for a quality virtual visit. This was unfair before GoVirtueWell. Now all of my clients can come to MY many offices, take care of paperwork, get vitals checked, and enjoy a high-quality, professional virtual visit. My clients can even get a healthy B-12 injection at the same time. My professional satisfaction is at an all-time high!

Dr. Jimmerson

We Care About You

GoVirtueWell Locations

We take pride in our locations, and we want both our health provider members and their patients to be proudly associated with them as well. From location selection, layout design, decor, lighting, sound, equipment, and even the scent, we pay the strictest attention of each and every detail.

GoVirtueWell Services

Embracing virtual health care in the form of telehealth and telemedicine may be challenging for some. Nonetheless, we understand that embracing new technology in health care is necessary. In fact, technology can improve health care, its delivery, its affordability, and access to it when done right. We do it right at GoVirtueWell. We welcome clients, get them checked in, handle any paperwork, measure vitals, establish virtual connections, administer health optimizing injections, perform phlebotomy, and much more.

GoVirtueWell Staff


Our clinical staff makes our offering unique. Yes, we have great locations and awesome technology, but our staff creates the experience, sets the tone, carries out the meaningful tasks, and light up the place with their smiles and with the warmth of their compassion. At GoVirtueWell, honesty, excellence, and competence are necessary. Our staff lacks nothing. In essence, they are the "human touch" in every sense of the phrase.