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Telemedicine with a Human Touch

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Why Choose GoVirtueWell

In 2008, we started preparing for telehealth, and, in 2012, we actually started doing telehealth! Quickly, we learned the pros and cons of telehealth, and we then optimized the experience from both the provider's and the patient's perspective:


Because we were founded by doctors, we know firsthand how this opportunity can help other providers grow their practices, connect with more patients/clients, and significantly increase revenue while decreasing expenses!


BENEFITS: 1. Increase Access to Care 2. Increase Revenue 3. Decrease Expenses 4. Telehealth with Personal Touch 5. Telehealth with Technology for All 6. Optimal Audio and Video for Optimal Visits

More experience


For over a decade, we have connected people to their doctors, resulting in better access to health care, increased health provider professional satisfaction, and more efficient delivery of care.

Seamless care


At GoVirtuewell, every location is like an extended office or practice of the health professional using it from a distance. We provide the human touch through our certified medical staff, the comfortable professional environment, and much more.

The right answers

At many locations, health providers can quickly order and collect lab tests at the same time as their GoVirtueWell telehealth visit! At all locations, we are more than happy to help with vitals, examinations, and any paperwork.

Our Services

To cover our providers’ different needs along with the varying needs of their patients and clients, we have a range of services at your disposal. From general examinations, tests and check-ups, to wellness services and products, we employ latest techniques, high-tech equipment and top-notch specialists to meet your expectations in terms of superior health care delivery and health optimization.

The Health Provider Experience

1. Become GoVirtueWell member

2. Consider our offices as your own

3. Consider our staff as an extension of your own staff

4. Start scheduling virtual visits at GoVirtueWell locations with a human touch provided by our staff

5. If vitals need to be performed or documents completed, then we can do these tasks as well

6. If you want to be able to listen to the heart and lungs of your patients, this is an option as well with an additional license along with a special stethoscope

7. Your patient arrives at the designated GoVirtueWell location at the scheduled appointment time, receive any special services ordered by the provider, and then enjoy their virtual visit

8. Visits are efficient, effective, professional and in a clean, well-maintained environment for the best experience

Your Health & Wellness Office


Why should providers lease or buy multiple office spaces, hire and manage personnel, and unnecessarily increase operating expenses when all of that can be taken care of by GoVirtueWell? Why should patients be limited to the providers within a certain distance from where they live or work and not have access to the best providers regardless of distance and location? GoVirtueWell offer aesthetically pleasing environments with professional staffing and strategic designing perfectly suited for digital health and wellness with a human touch.

Vitals and Examination Assistance

Telehealth doesn't have to be a plan B option or experience that is less impressive and enjoyable than the one that patients and clients get when they visit the office of a health provider. Well, we at GoVirtueWell do not believe so. Some people do not have the optimal technology, lighting, or environment for thorough visits with quality and accuracy. GoVirtueWell assists with all of this along with providing wellness services to help optimize health. Our professional staff is available to obtain vitals and assist our health providers.

Patient/Client Intake & Paperwork

At GoVirtueWell, our professional offices are your personal offices. For health providers, this means that we are here to pleasantly greet your patients and clients, take care of any paperwork or scanning, and prepare everything for a highly effective and professional visit. For patients and clients, this means that you get the service and attention that you have gotten accustomed to over the years when visiting your own health providers. The good news is that GoVirtueWell just made it easier and more convenient.

Instantly Expand Your Practices and Potential Now

You can increase access to the services you provide, grow your practice, and give the people what they want in the form of quality care and convenience regardless of location by enjoying GoVirtueWell. Please complete the online form and someone will contact you. This is for professional health providers only. You are now only clicks away from increased revenue and more professional satisfaction.

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About Us

GoVirtueWell is committed to helping provide the highest quality health care and wellness while increasing access, decreasing disparities, and lowering costs for both providers and patients. Our dedication to excellence, compassion and innovation is rooted in our devotion to the art and science of healing, which supports every aspect of our mission and to the care we give to health providers and all people. Basically, our name speaks for itself:


Virtue Definition: behavior showing high moral standards.


Well Definition: in a thorough manner or in good health; free or recovered from illness.


GoVirtueWell locations feature state of the art equipment, healthcare 2.0 technology, strategic partners, high-quality wellness services and trained staff that will optimize the care of each patient and their visit. We truly understand both providers and people, but we continue to strive to improve for the sake of both.

Heatlh Providers Spotlight

At GoVirtueWell, we take pride in helping people maintain their relationships with their own health providers, including doctors, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, health coaches, psychologists, and more. We just help them maintain these relationships through distance that we help decrease with a human touch. If your provider doesn't currently utilize GoVirtueWell, then please let them know immediately that they should for the sake of increasing access, availability, affordability, and favorable health outcomes. As a result, your provider can have an office closer to you at a fraction of the cost. Below are just a few of the doctors that we would like to highlight.

Dr. Nick Sims


He possesses numerous other skills including experience with vaccinations, ECG, spirometry, allergy skin tests, blood sample tests, parenteral therapy.

Dr. Max Turner


His scope of work includes: skin lesion excision, vascular and diabetic ulcers, wound repair and minor trauma management, acute abdominal pain.

Dr. Amy Adams


She is an experienced quick surgeon and because of her artistic talent, beauty takes part in her surgeries, especially because she is very good in cosmetic repairing.

Dr. Julia Jameson


She has vast experience in practicing Schroth method for treatment of patients with scoliosis (abnormal curve in the spine).


Their office is outstanding but what really sets them apart is that they truly care about the well-being of the patients during the visit.


P. Adams

I just can’t say enough good things about the GoVirtueWell. I am so happy to have the opportunity to go there. It was so convenient and they could check all my vitals and take care of any paperwork. It was like going to my doctor's office.


P. Peterson

I feel like the team really cares about my personal health and feels invested in my well-being into the future. In addition, their lighting and sound were much better than my setup at home. It really made a difference, and the visits was high quality and very professional.

Lori W.


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